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2000mg Terpene Infused CBD Booster Shot 10ml - Trainwreck by Realest CBD
-50 %
Brand: Realest CBD
If you're looking for a new kind favourite of flavoured E-Liquid but with the added benefits that terpene infused CBD can bring, then these Realest CBD flavours might be what you've been looking for.- 2000mg Broad Spectrum CBD- 10ml Bottle- Natural Terpenes- 0% Nicotine- Add to vape shortfi..
€7.99 €15.99
Afghan Red Seal (CBD+CBG Hash) Afghan Red Seal (CBD+CBG Hash)
-22 %
For anyone who remembers Red Seal Black from the 80's and 90's this will bring back some memories!Red Seal has always been synonymous with the highest grade Afghan Black, and this is no exception. This hash has been handcrafted from a selection of the highest quality sativa dominant CBD flowers. The..
€6.99 - €112.73 €8.99 - €144.99
AK-47 (Outdoor CBD Flower) AK-47 (Outdoor CBD Flower)
-24 %
This is an outdoor grown flower with 12% CBD content. The dominant terpene is Myrcene, which is known to have relaxing and sedative properties.Minor terpenes include: Limonene, known to elevate mood and provide stress relief. Caryophyllene, which some say helps with anxiety.Pinene, helps memory ..
€4.19 - €55.71 €5.49 - €72.99
Bulk CBD Crystal Isolate - 99.89% Cannabinoids Bulk CBD Crystal Isolate - 99.89% Cannabinoids
Hot -25 %
This CBD crystal isolate is made using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction techniques, to give the purest product.CBD: 99.477%CBDV: 0.413%Total Cannabinoids: 99.890%In line with guidance from the FSAI, CO2 extracted CBD products can no longer be sold for human consumption in Ireland. This prod..
€7.49 - €33.73 €9.99 - €44.99
CBD Shatter - 96% Cannabinoids CBD Shatter - 96% Cannabinoids
-27 %
Our CBD Shatter contains 96% premium broad-spectrum CBD, infused only with natural cannabis derived terpenes. This CBD Shatter is made with 100% cannabis extracts, meaning there will be no additive or chemical-like tastes. Third-party US lab tested for: Cannabinoid profilePesticidesResidual sol..
€10.99 - €146.63 €14.99 - €200.00
Hair Mask with Hemp Oil (200ml) Hair Mask with Hemp Oil (200ml)
-50 %
India hemp oil hair mask was created for the quick and effective regeneration of damaged hair. Healing properties of the main ingredient guarantee intensive reconstruction and supply of nutrients in perfect proportions. The treatment prevents split ends and ensures the restoration of the nat..
€2.75 €5.49
Hornet Brown King Size Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Hornet Brown King Size Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
-41 %
- Organic Hemp Rolling Papers- Unbleached - 32 leaves in a booklet ..
€0.29 €0.49
Liquid Hand Soap with Hemp Oil (300ml)
-43 %
INDIA hemp oil liquid hand soap effectively cleanses and cares for hand skin, ensuring its proper hydration. Owing to its soothing properties, the soap can be used by people with skin problems. It leaves a subtle, fresh nettle scent and a soft and smooth skin of the hands. The product is int..
€3.99 €6.99
Moroccan Hashish (CBD Hash) Moroccan Hashish (CBD Hash)
Hot -29 %
This hash is a traditional Moroccan style press. Made by dry sifting CBD flowers through a mesh, the kief is then collected and hot pressed into a block.A small amount of cannabis terpenes have been added to improve flavour and aroma.Originally soft and dry, this hash has begun to harden over the fe..
€4.99 - €114.21 €6.99 - €159.99
Soft Moon Rocks (CBD Hash) Soft Moon Rocks (CBD Hash)
-22 %
Take a popcorn bud, dip it in rosin hash, roll it in CBD hash powder, and voila you have yourself a CBD Moon Rock.Moon rocks are the connoisseur's choice of CBD products due to high strength, and unique blend of flower, hash, and oil aromas. This has 45.5% CBD and 3.8% CBG.These Moon Rocks originat..
€6.99 - €123.62 €8.99 - €158.99
Tea of Mind Cannabis Tea (Box of 20 teabags)
-50 %
Brand: Euphoria
Euphoria are the pioneers of cannabis inspired and infused foods and drinks. These relaxing and soothing cannabis tea's are made with real cannabis sativa leaves. A simple, healthy way to consume your herbal remedy. Each box contains 20 tea bags...
€2.99 €5.99
Triple Filtered (CBD+CBG Hash) Triple Filtered (CBD+CBG Hash)
-22 %
This triple filtered hash really is something else. It is made from CBG & CBD dominant cannabis plants. The flowers used are filtered hand by several stages, the result is a resin almost free of vegetable residues and very concentrated.The product is finally hot pressed to release the aromas and..
€6.99 - €134.51 €8.99 - €172.99
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