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Temple Ball (CBD Hash)

Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
Temple Ball (CBD Hash)
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Among hashish enthusiasts Temple Balls have become a thing of legend. Originating in the Nepal thousands of years ago, the almost mythical tales of Temple Balls spread throughout the Himalayan region and beyond.

The traditional method for creating temple balls was to hand rub fresh buds still on the plant, similar to making Charas. Collected material was then heated and hand pressed to burst the resin glands and form together into a single, soft mass of sticky hash. This was then rolled into a ball, wrapped, stored in caves/holes, and left to age like a fine wine. The longer the hash aged the higher it's quality, and the more revered it became. The early hippies who traveled to the Himalayas in the 60's came back with tales of Temple Balls aged 20+ years! These traditional techniques are still used in some cannabis growing regions of the Himalayas, but thanks to modern technology this method has been improved further.

Buds are now collected fresh, and dropped into ice cold water where they are agitated (think of a hand whisk), which causes the trichomes9resin glands)  to fall from the buds and sink to the bottom of the ice cold water. The water is then filtered through a 120 micron screen, filtering out any plant debris and leaving a collection of pure, sticky, oily, resin glands. This collection is then dried before being heated and hand pressed to burst those resin glands open, then rolled into a ball and stored to age. A good quality Temple Ball hashish will be aged for at least 1 year to allow the flavour and aroma to full develop, but as Temple Balls are so sought after it's very rare to find anything aged more than 2 years, unless you age it at home yourself.

Each Temple Ball currently in stock is from a batch stored and aged since October 2021, so is already more than 1 year old. Each Temple Ball weighs 10 grams, and contains 24% CBD. We do sell Temple Ball hash in amounts smaller than 10 grams, but this will be an off cut of a ball, not a complete Temple Ball. If you are looking to store and age Temple Balls yourself we would always advise using a whole Temple Ball, unopened, and store in a cool, dry, dark, place with a temperature around 15°C.

Here at Hempie we care about freshness. Each batch of new hash received is immediately wrapped in cellophane to preserve the aroma, then sealed inside a glass storage jar and stored in a a cool, dark, place. That's where it will stay until you place an order, at which point it's weighed, packed inside a food grade resealable pouch, and shipped straight to you.

This hash is from an EU approved industrial hemp strain and contains less than 0.2% THC.
This product contains cannabidiol and is strictly for people aged 18 years and over. CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

THC <0.2%
Grow Method Conventional
Country France
Plant Type
EU Hemp Variety Futura 75

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