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Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)

Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)
Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)
Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)
Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)
Shake/Trim (Greenhouse CBD Flower)
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All our buds are hand trimmed to improve aeshetics. The parts of the bud which are trimmed often contain a higher percentage of cannabinoids by weight than the buds they're trimmed from. If you're not too fussy about appearances, this is the product for you.

More bang for your buck makes this trim mix a firm customer favourite!

Here at Hempie we care about freshness. Each batch of new flower received is immediately unpacked and sealed inside a glass storage jar and stored in a a cool, dark, place. That's where it will stay until you place an order, at which point it's weighed, packed inside a food grade resealable pouch, and shipped straight to you.

This flower is from an EU approved industrial hemp strain and contains less than 0.2% THC.
This product contains cannabidiol and is strictly for people aged 18 years and over. CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

THC <0.2%
Grow Method Organic
Location Greenhouse
Country Switzerland

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