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Hair and Beards

Hair Mask with Hemp Oil (200ml) Hair Mask with Hemp Oil (200ml)
-50 %
India hemp oil hair mask was created for the quick and effective regeneration of damaged hair. Healing properties of the main ingredient guarantee intensive reconstruction and supply of nutrients in perfect proportions. The treatment prevents split ends and ensures the restoration of the nat..
€2.75 €5.49
50mg CBD Infused Oud Speciality Beard Oil 10ml by NKD Truth
-53 %
The natural properties found in this CBD Beard Oil are complimented by the introduction of CBD. They work together to help coat the hair follicles from root to tip in our luxury oil. CBD typically collects in the hair follicle and is partially absorbed into the body. However, this is not the..
€3.79 €7.99
Hemp Oil Spray for Body, Hair, and Nails (50ml) Hemp Oil Spray for Body, Hair, and Nails (50ml)
-43 %
Thanks to the spray pump, dosage of the product becomes easier and more efficient.✓ Hemp oil is moderately greasy, so it spreads easily and the skin absorbs it quickly, leaving no greasy sign.✓ Hemp oil penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and intensively moisturizes them.✓ Improves color and..
€3.99 €6.99
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