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50mg CBD Foot Balm 100ml by Ultracalm
-50 %
Brand: Ultracalm
Rich, smooth, revitalising, and cooling foot lotion is the perfect tonic for use before and after sports, or just at the end of a hard day, calming and soothing tired and weary feet with a cool, refreshing sensation.This product contains cannabidiol and is strictly for people aged 18 years ..
€6.49 €12.99
Protective Foot Cream with Cannabis Oil (75ml) Protective Foot Cream with Cannabis Oil (75ml)
-54 %
India protective foot cream, owing to the content of hemp oil, provides the skin with thorough hydration and regeneration immediately after application. The light formula of the cream penetrates the epidermis, regenerating cracks and smoothing chapped and dried skin. The formula is based on ..
€1.59 €3.49
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