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Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)

Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
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Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
Bubblegum OG (CBD Flower)
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Bubble Gum, sometimes called "Bubba Gum," is a popular indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Bubble Gum's genetics are a little unclear, but it is believed to be made from an unknown cross of Indiana Bubble Gum. This strain features a flavor profile reminiscent of its namesake, with bubble gum and sweet floral flavors bursting through. Bubble Gum was originally bred by growers in Indiana and has been winning cannabis awards since 1994, including countless Cannabis Cups.

This CBD hemp flower has similar characteristics to Bubble Gum and an almost identical terpene profile. All the flavours of Bubble Gum without the THC.

Terpene profile:

Myrcene (herbal) - Earthy, peppery aromas and flavors. The most common terpene. Ranges from a little bit chill to sedative chill. Also found in thyme, lemongrass.

Pinene (pine) - Big pine forest aromas. Most abundant terp in the natural world. Good for chilling out. Reviewers like it for anxiety and pain relief.

Caryophyllene (pepper) - Is your nose tingling? Spicy, peppery, good-funky, pungent, diesel aromas. Known for relaxation and anxiety relief. Also found in cloves, cinnamon.

Here at Hempie we care about freshness. Each batch of new flower received is immediately unpacked and sealed inside a glass storage jar and stored in a a cool, dark, place. That's where it will stay until you place an order, at which point it's weighed, packed inside a food grade resealable pouch, and shipped straight to you.

This flower is from an EU approved industrial hemp strain and contains less than 0.2% THC.
This product contains cannabidiol and is strictly for people aged 18 years and over. CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.
Dominant Terpene Myrcene
THC <0.2%
Other Terpenes Caryophyllene Pinene
Grow Method Organic
Location Indoor
Country Spain

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